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I’m literally living out of a bag now, everything in boxes or draped over the edge of one ready to be shipped or zipped. Getting around the city for some one-on-one farewells with my send-off drinks tomorrow at the pub.

Just some last minute paperwork, tidying up loose ends and revising my big checklist to make sure everything is in order.

We now have accommodation! We were accepted for a rental property in Merivale yesterday; I go in on Monday during my first day of work to sign the tenancy agreement and get the keys. Perfect timing, everything just slipping into place.

It hasn’t been hectic because I’ve been organised (being a meticulous list-maker) but it’s been a lot of work, lots of little things that need to be orchestrated. Photocopying my passport for this, printing off and signing that, researching some other thing, calling people, remembering to follow up things. The latter is a big one – so many businesses these days don’t care about customer service so if I tick off “Contact XYZ” on my list I then have to add “Follow up with XYZ” because in too many cases I don’t hear back from them.

However I’ve also discovered how unreliable website contact/feedback forms. Several businesses this week told me they hadn’t received my contact form submission when I called them to follow it up. Not good people!

Well, back to finishing packing and preparing for tomorrow’s full itinerary of shipping these boxes, exchanging some money to NZD, some shopping and my farewell drinks and then dropping my car off with Jenny’s parents to garage plus disconnect the battery, put fuel stabiliser in the tank. Even that’s a minor thing – fuel stabiliser – but took me four automotive shops to find it! See? Not hectic or busy busy but just all these small things that add up to create a coordination nightmare.


Written by Nathanael Coyne

6 January, 2011 at 6:10 pm

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