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Overseas shipping: Expensive as bro!

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Spent over an hour down at our local Pack & Send getting three boxes of stuff and my Nord keyboard shipped to New Zealand.

Ended up costing me $717 for 71kg plus insurance on my keyboard.

Maybe there was a cheaper way or something, maybe I could have re-bought everything over there, but I’m flying out tomorrow and don’t have time for mucking around either here or in NZ when I arrive. It’s a lot of money but I’ll forget about it within a fortnight, whereas having to start from scratch will be with me for a long time every time I reach for a book that isn’t there or a kitchen utensil I don’t have. Peace of mind, convenience and a level of familiarity settling in … worth it.

The guys at Pack & Send were very helpful. Sending stuff by air freight is a painful process with pages of New Zealand MAF declaration forms, unaccompanied goods forms, measuring and weighing everything, opening the boxes and inspecting and itemising everything. Only thing I had to remove was a pack of AA batteries – which is fine, I can buy more over there but seeing I had a pack of 20 here I thought might as well take them if I can. Ah well.

So that’s out of the way now and the countdown timer is down to 24 hours 30 minutes till I fly out!


Written by Nathanael Coyne

7 January, 2011 at 2:20 pm

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