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I hope my boxes of stuff arrive soon – I’m starting to get restless. Not that I have a shortage of things to do but none of them that can be done in the evenings so until my books and cables and laptop charger and everything else arrives (hopefully tomorrow) my evenings are pretty much TV (which I can’t find the remote for) and the one fiction novel I brought in my cabin luggage.

I moved into our new apartment yesterday – smelt all musty but with I have a battery-powered air fragrancer going and cleaning benches and things with eucalypt sprays so it’s starting to feel like a home, my home, but is going to need some colour. The furniture and kitchen utensils are all at least 50 years old.

I’ve been here four days and so far experienced five tremors or at least five that I noticed and was awake for. Pretty crazy stuff – the whole building shaking around, left to right, up and down. It’s crazy how frequent it is and how strong although nothing that will do damage. You might spill your cup of tea if you filled it up too much. Seems to be mostly centered around the south west side of town where my workplace is so it’s really just something to break up the day … just hope it doesn’t break up the building!

Looking forward to getting my box of cables so I can process and upload some photos of Christchurch.


Written by Nathanael Coyne

12 January, 2011 at 6:34 pm

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