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Been busy with work and haven’t achieved much on the weekends (though sleeping in till after 11am on Saturday probably didn’t help) so my life is pretty much just work, work and work. It’s 11pm and I’ve just been doing more work. Love it though!

I did get down to Sumner yesterday (Sunday) but it was overcast so I got rubbish photos and didn’t really do much. Not that’s much to do there except lunch and lie on the beach so I was only there for about an hour. Didn’t cost me anything – the Metro bus service only charges a maximum 10 fares per week when you use a prepaid card and as I bus to and from work during the week my weekend bus travel is free. Nice eh?

Apart from that, just been shopping and stocking the pantry and buying a few bits and pieces to make this place more livable. Trying not to buy too much kitchen stuff, just the bare essentials like a pizza stone, rice cooker etc. If our trial in Christchurch goes well then I can ship the rest of my kitchen over from Australia or ask Jenny to pack it all in her luggage instead of clothes. I’m sure she can lug 100kg of pots, utensils and my pasta machine through the airport! Although our kitchen in our Merivale apartment is tiny so I’ll have to limit my culinary endevours anyway. Maybe we could consider upgrading once our lease is up in a year. I think I might start feeling a little claustrophobic having to work with four squared feet of bench space!

Local Grant Ovenden sent me off to a gourmet food store Mercato and wow it is an amazing shop! I’ve never heard of most of the brands, nearly all of them imported from Europe. Very high end. $57 bottle of lime oil pressed from 400 limes. Boggles the mind! As I said on their Facebook page it’s like an art gallery, I feel like I should have got dressed up or something. Don’t think I’ll be buying much from there, but I’d love to just wander through there every couple of weeks just to window shop as long as they don’t throw me out. I don’t think they’ll offer me a coffee next time if I walk out again without making a purchase!

Next on my list is The Cook Shop which is a bit closer to home. I’m quite fond of Briscoes though – it’s a bit like Harris Scarfe back in Australia but way bigger and better.

Cove Rock, Sumner


Written by Nathanael Coyne

31 January, 2011 at 9:11 pm

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